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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00000902   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (smlewis)2012-08-29No mechanism to convert centroid silent files to fullatom (particularly for fixbb, which should do this)
  0000088    [Rosetta]
minorresolved (jadolfbr)2012-08-24-minimize_sidechains flag does not work with symmetric pose in fixbb
  00000691   [PyRosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (Labonte)2012-08-23PyRosetta: Seg Fault when calling FoldTree.jump_edge when there are no jumps
  0000003    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (tjacobs2)2012-08-22src/protocols/rigid/RB_geometry misplaced
  00000214   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (smlewis)2012-08-22UBQ_E2_thioester two ubiquitins mode second lysine drifts
  00000662   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorfeedback (mpacella)2012-08-21Incorrect documentation of dock_pert option in docking documentation
  0000083    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (smlewis)2012-08-21UBQ_* refactor into protocols
  0000082    [Rosetta]
minorassigned (smlewis)2012-08-21UBQ_E2_thioester -two_ubiquitins cannot handle c-terminal lysine on second ubiquitin
  0000067    [Rosetta]
minorresolved (delucasl)2012-08-21Forgetting to specify any kind of job input flags with rosettascripts resulits in non-obvious error message
  00000792   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (momeara)2012-08-20The Integration test of features_scientific_benchmark is not performed with -m option
  00000811   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
majorresolved (smlewis)2012-08-20fix header-only compile for chemically_conjugated_docking suite
  00000652   [PyRosetta]
minorresolved (Labonte)2012-08-17Incorrect documentation of RigidBodyPerturbMover in PyRosetta Docking Workshop (# 7)
  0000073    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2012-08-16SuperimposeMover: uninitialized class member variables
  00000711   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2012-08-15InterfaceAnalyzerMover.hh should have full ScoreFunction.hh
  00000701   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2012-08-15InterfaceAnalzyerMover should probably be a filter or series thereof
  00000481   [Rosetta]
minorassigned (bborgo)2012-08-13Random crashes from out-of-range residue access in VIP
  0000064    [Rosetta]
minornew2012-08-08Symmetric packing cannot be used with OnTheFlyInteractionGraph('s children)
  00000632   [Rosetta]
majorresolved (smlewis)2012-08-08LinearMemoryInteractionGraph causes uninformative crashes in ScoreFunction::operator() when used with symmetry
  0000061    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (AndrewLeaverFay)2012-08-07Feature Request: autodetect when LinearMemoryInteractionGraph is preferred, and autoinstantiate in InteractionGraphFactory
  0000043    [PyRosetta]
Bad Coding
minorconfirmed (Sergey)2012-08-04Feature Request: Ability to provide custom names for custom score terms in PyRosetta
  00000572   [Rosetta]
crashnew2012-08-03Existing Comparative Modeling Crashes when using workshop example
  00000321   [PyRosetta]
minorresolved (Sergey)2012-08-03No __version__ element in PyRosetta's rosetta package
  00000443   [PyRosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (Sergey)2012-08-03/src/core/conformation/ isn't properly wrapped into Pyrosetta
  0000020    [PyRosetta]
crashassigned (Sergey)2012-08-03PyRosetta fail to pass tests in Debug mode
  0000036    [Rosetta]
crashresolved (delucasl)2012-08-03Segmentation Fault when using StartFrom mover if specified chain does not exist in pose
  00000311   [Rosetta]
crashassigned (delucasl)2012-08-03Using DatabaseFilters and mysql/postgre and non-blocking mpi at the same time causes a race condition
  00000581   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2012-08-02FloppyTail uses a hardcoded score12 instead of getScoreFunction
  0000049    [Rosetta]
minorassigned (nivon)2012-07-30homology_modeling_threading_basic demo crashes
  00000473   [Rosetta]
minorresolved (colin)2012-07-23rosetta_demos/protocol_capture/2010/RosettaScripts/pp-interfaceredesign crashes
  00000414   [Rosetta]
crashresolved (smlewis)2012-07-213.4 build error in protocols/canonical_sampling/
  000004511 [Rosetta]
minorresolved (kdrew)2012-07-19Assertion failed
  0000046    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (momeara)2012-07-18cppdb does not handle bind(int i, char const c)
  0000040    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (Sergey)2012-07-06-out:levels error checking
  0000038    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
majornew2012-07-03Executable-defined options cannot be namespaced
  0000013    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorassigned (AndrewLeaverFay)2012-07-02env and interaction graph radii
  0000030    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (momeara)2012-06-27[FeatureReporter] Showed "ERROR: Failed to create features ~ .db3" but no error actually?
  00000281   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (momeara)2012-06-271L2Y produces warnings in fixbb integration test
  00000052   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (smlewis)2012-06-27something is lurking in ConstraintSet.show_definition() that alters ostream numeric precision
  00000102   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (AndrewLeaverFay)2012-06-26Interaction graph size instability with relax_w_allatom_cst integration test
  0000025    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2012-06-25-kill_hairpins file not backward compatable with regular PSIPRED format
  0000024    [Rosetta]
crashnew2012-06-25The backrub application seg faults at the end of the run
  00000221   [Rosetta]
minorresolved (nannemdp)2012-06-25check loopmodel documentation post SVN 49521
  00000231   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2012-06-24input_score_filter ignored by
  0000015    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (momeara)2012-06-22[FeatureReporter] Can't handle centroid pdbs as input
  00000141   [Rosetta]
minorresolved (rmoretti) documentation
  0000018    [Rosetta]
minornew2012-06-21-kill_hairpins file format not documented
  0000017    [Rosetta]
crashresolved (delucasl)2012-06-21Features reporters crashes with ResidueScoresFeatures when using membrane_highres
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