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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000220    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorresolved (Labonte)2013-03-18KofNConstraint::calculate_total_cst_score has been returning the wrong total score
  0000219    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
majorresolved (dimaio)2013-03-17negative values assigned to Size in
  0000110    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2013-03-16bad chain ID in pdb output for large number of chains
  00002092   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-03-16temp files committed to trunk
   00002074   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-03-16ERRASER leaves un-ignored .pyc files
  00002061   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-03-16PHENIX workshop hax cleanup
   0000204    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-03-16ERRASER linked to linuxgccdebug
  00001992   [Rosetta]
minorresolved (delucasl)2013-03-15SymE is broken (or probably never worked to begin with )
   00002051   [Rosetta]
minorresolved (dimaio)2013-03-14SVN 54230 needs commentary on database change - permanent, temporary, guess?
  00002101   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (dimaio)2013-03-14cart_bonded database files are uncommentable
   0000213    [Rosetta]
Website error
minorassigned (Sergey)2013-03-14redirect to Gray lab tests site
  00002111   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (smlewis)2013-03-13integration tests of python-level ERRASER
  0000212    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (fcchou)2013-03-13ElectronDensityAtomwise::readMRCandResize uses std::fstream instead of izstream
  0000203    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (delucasl)2013-03-13make --mm-as-virt default to true
  00000041   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (delucasl)2013-03-13molfile_to_params misassigns mm atom types
  00002022   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-03-13in fa_standard_05.2009_icoor, many atoms have X instead of VIRT for mm atom type
  00001561   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-03-07Missing show() methods on Constraints
  0000198    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (sarel)2013-03-04rosetta_scripts/util.hh defines a includable tracer TR
  0000196 1 [Rosetta]
minorresolved (glemmon) appears to no longer accept -j1
   0000197    [Rosetta]
minorassigned (tjacobs2)2013-03-04loop_creation integration test long-term broken
  00001873   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-03-01-in:file:obey_ENDMDL default
  00001701   [Rosetta]
crashresolved (dimaio)2013-03-01Make CartesianBondEnergyTests::fail_test_create_parameters_for_restype() pass
  0000195    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-03-01Feature Request: CartesianMoveMap
  00001331   [ROSIE]
Input Handling
minorresolved (Sergey)2013-03-01Allow access to submit pages for non-logged-in users
  00000841   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-03-01FloppyTail needs refactoring into protocols
  0000186    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (smlewis)2013-03-01Should ignore_zero_occupancy default true or false?
  00000265   [Rosetta]
majorresolved (Sergey) hangs w/ one job that never starts
  00000333   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (Sergey)2013-03-01integration tests spawned subprocesses are not killed properly
  0000184    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (abba)2013-02-28Garbled stdout when using MPI
  0000176    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-02-28SnugDock integration test has incorrect executable detection
  0000123    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (delucasl)2013-02-28specifying an invalid startfrom file in the StartFrom mover results in stupid error message
  000010511 [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (momeara)2013-02-28ResourceManager using rosetta_scripts
  00001353   [Rosetta]
crashresolved (delucasl)2013-02-26MySQL transaction commits can deadlock, they should be retried rather than aborting.
  00001341   [Rosetta]
crashresolved (delucasl)2013-02-26Sometimes mysql connections fail, causing an abort
  0000183    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (rmoretti)2013-02-26enzdes integration test detects wrong executable
  0000171    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (delucasl)2013-02-26-qsar:grid_dir needs to check to make sure the specified directory exists
  0000159    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (Labonte)2013-02-26Size not used where it should be in Pose
   00001373   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (Labonte)2013-02-26Why does core::kinematics::Edge keep start and stop as int instead of core::Size?
  0000182    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-02-26loop_hash detects wrong executable and has strange extra input and doesn't use a flag file
  0000181    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-02-26features_database_schema detects wrong executable
  00001471   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (weitzner)2013-02-22loopmodel always outputs a structure after switch to JD2, even if initial loop closure failed
  0000062    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (AndrewLeaverFay)2013-02-22-linmem_ig takes a value, but is used as a boolean and the value is ignored
  0000180    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-02-21noe_assignment/cs_out.dat is output as input
  0000179    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-02-21hshash_utils has results in inputs
  0000177    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (bder)2013-02-21zinc_heterodimer test includes its own results
  0000175    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-02-21hotspot_hashing integration test includes its own results
  0000178    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (delucasl)2013-02-21startfrom_file detects wrong executable
  00001492   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2013-02-21Feature Request: loop RMSD mode
  0000173    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2013-02-21scorefiles betray their silent roots too strongly (meaningless SEQUENCE line)
  0000172    [Rosetta]
minorresolved (smlewis)2013-02-06KIC documentation incorrectly specifies -loops:refine_repack_cycles
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