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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0000260    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorassigned (renfrew)2013-04-29make_rot_lib guts lost in warning-removal drive
  0000261    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (bborgo)2013-04-29VIP request: at least minimal resfile respect
  0000259    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (bborgo)2013-04-29VIP uses nonstandard PDB reader
  00002553   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (amelie)2013-04-28KIC always reports a chainbreak score of 0
  00002321   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorassigned (amelie)2013-04-28Kinematic Closure broken with extended loops (and possibly even without them)
  00002522   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-04-22Issues with error message reporting (resfiles)
  0000250    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (rmoretti)2013-04-12RosettaScripts can't recognize true and false
  00002513   [Rosetta]
Website error
minorassigned (Sergey)2013-04-12New git changelogs have no clickable trac link
  0000248    [Rosetta]
minorassigned (Sergey) handles missing command files poorly
  0000249    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2013-04-11-select_best_loops_from associated with ludicrous models (user report for 3.4)
  00002303   [Rosetta]
majornew (smlewis)2013-04-11LoopMover_CCD (perturb_CCD) does not allow terminal loops; appears to be typo
  00000913   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (Sergey)2013-04-10PyMolMover.energy_type() and/or ScoreType enum problem
  0000242    [ROSIE]
Website error
minorresolved (Sergey)2013-04-09erraser on ROSIE has "in press" citation but paper is out
  0000246 2 [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majornew2013-04-06energy tables aren't calculated before loading the input structure when using -score:weights score12
  0000245    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorresolved (AndrewLeaverFay)2013-04-04Context-dependent, one-body energies not scored during minimization
  00002346   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (renfrew)2013-04-04if you use multiple extras options, SCons does not order consistently
  0000244    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorassigned (smlewis)2013-04-04minirosetta app incorrectly uses -out:user_tag option
  0000243    [Rosetta]
minorassigned (smlewis)2013-04-04Incorrect documentation of -out:user_tag option
  00002312   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (mtyka)2013-04-04-out:user_tag option only sometimes obeyed
  00002403   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorresolved (pbradley)2013-04-03abs() method used on Real values in core::scoring
  00000855   [PyRosetta]
Input Handling
majorassigned (evanbaugh)2013-04-03Pyrosetta pose_from_rcsb assumes dimer
  00001582   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (honda)2013-04-02value -1 assigned to Size variable
  0000241 1 [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2013-04-02Docking uses constraints only on first nstruct with -docking_local_refine
  0000239    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (smlewis) does not alter protein hydrogen names for consistency
  000023841 [Rosetta]
majorfeedback (momeara)2013-04-02Incompatibility between new sp2+hackelec and cluster
  00002371   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (Labonte)2013-04-01ResidueType::delete_property() actuals ADDS duplicate properties to ResidueType
  000023611 [Rosetta]
crashassigned (amelie)2013-04-01Rosetta crashes on missing atoms in unrecognized SUCK residues
  00002012   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (Labonte)2013-03-30Show() methods are missing for a large number of classes
  00001941   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (Labonte)2013-03-29Mover::fresh_instance() should be pure virtual in base class
  00001911   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (Labonte)2013-03-29Mover::clone() should be pure virtual in base class
  0000235    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-03-28[Feature request] Support for hybrid36 PDB reading/writing
  00002001   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-03-26When given a bad option on the command line print what is usually displayed with -help
  00001694   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (AndrewLeaverFay)2013-03-26Good idea to move to devel?
  0000233    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (amelie)2013-03-26loopmodel.<binary> with -kic_rama2b needs 5G of memory
  00002273   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (momeara)2013-03-25cleanup removal of EXIT_THROWS_EXCEPTION
  00002151   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-03-25top-level .gitignore after we move to git
  00001741   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-03-254FXN is a strange (bad?) choice for use in tests
  00002291   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-03-24protocols::scoring::Interface requires a pre-scored pose.
  00001892   [Rosetta]
majorresolved (renfrew)2013-03-22Turn on EXIT_THROWS_EXCEPTION by default
  00002214   [Rosetta]
minornew2013-03-21Crashes on blank command line
  0000226    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-03-21Feature Request: catch option-system throws locally; handle them somewhat more fancily
  000016818   [Rosetta]
crashresolved (mtyka)2013-03-21Bad option reads throw uncaught exceptions
  00001881   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-03-20Change name of -in:file:obey_ENDMDL
  0000225 1 [Rosetta]
crashresolved (rmoretti)2013-03-20Segmentation fault when loading a structure with ligand params file that contains a PROTON CHI line
  0000224    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-03-20cst_file and cst_fa_file are StringVector instead of FileVector options
  000022211 [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-03-20coords in pose sidechain atoms are nan's, no warning to user
  0000223    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-03-20Are TaskAwareMinMover and TaskAwareSymMinMover deprecated?
  0000111    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (smlewis)2013-03-20TaskAwareMinMover and TaskAwareSymMinMover handle tasks differently
  00002182   [Rosetta]
minorresolved (rmoretti)2013-03-19Seg fault in relax
  000021411 [Rosetta]
crashassigned (AndrewLeaverFay)2013-03-18SymPackRotamersMover dies with TaskOperation ReadResfile
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