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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000001121 [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-11-27Constraints can't handle insertion codes.
  0000312    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-11-19CstfileToTheozymePDB results in segmentation fault for secondary constraints.
  00002283   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (rmoretti)2013-11-18ScoreFunction cloning
  0000311    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-11-05Bad flag in scons command doesn't give an error.
  0000103    [Rosetta]
Input Handling doesn't reject unrecognized options
  0000145    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (weitzner)2013-11-05-loops:input_pdb is deprecated in loopmodel app after switch to JD2
  00003101   [Rosetta]
crashassigned (amelie)2013-10-31loop modeling crashes on some input (e.g. 1ivd)
  00002471   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (rmoretti)2013-10-11performance benchmark needs retuning
  00000122   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (olange)2013-10-01Constraints silently eat the rest of the line.
   0000306    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-09-25"if this branch has already bin pushed, enable tracking with"
  00003051   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-09-25pose.constraint_set in NULL case
  0000304    [Rosetta]
crashnew2013-09-23compilation error in external/boost_1_46_1/boost/mpl/aux_/preprocessed/gcc/apply.hpp [forum]
  00000532   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (dimaio)2013-09-16Feature Request: MultiAmbiguousConstraint
  0000303    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-09-13MutateResidue mover segfaults for terminal positions
  0000302    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
majornew2013-09-06exclude homologues at frag_picker
  0000301 1 [Rosetta]
crashnew2013-09-06seg fault at fragment picker
  00002821   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-08-29Python imports issues
  0000294    [Rosetta]
minorassigned (sarel)2013-08-17AtomTree mover in rosetta scripts seg faults for residues with less than 4 atoms
  0000299    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2013-08-12Registering NeighborsByDistanceCalculator with same name as a removed calc creates bad neighbor entries
  0000298    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (sarel)2013-08-12Name collision doesn't produce an error message
  00002803   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (jadolfbr)2013-07-25HbondSet::HbondSet(pose) only computes bb-bb bonds
  0000293    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-07-24ddG with local optimization enforces silent files
  00002921   [Rosetta]
minorresolved (delucasl)2013-07-22Missing chains cause segfault in LigandDocking
  00002911   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
majorresolved (AndrewLeaverFay)2013-07-19FA_Elec / HackElec derivatives wrong when using nblist_autoupdate
  000029011 [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorresolved (AndrewLeaverFay)2013-07-15Loss of Density in Heavy Atom Distances of 2.855A
  000028712 [Rosetta]
minorresolved (rmoretti)2013-07-10Consecutive modified termini result in errors.
  0000289    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-07-02crash after printing out help
  0000285    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (delucasl)2013-07-02MembraneTopology uses an assert to test size of allow_scoring_
  0000288    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-06-26Rosetta doesn't automatically recognize chain terminal modifications.
  0000286    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-06-25Constraints crash if fullatom and centroid mode and KIC are mixed
  0000284    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2013-06-19Docking Protocol Segfaults when Passed Symmetry Flags
  00002831   [Rosetta]
majorassigned (delucasl)2013-06-17New database schema fails for mysql features reporters
  0000281 1 [Rosetta]
minorresolved (rmoretti)2013-06-11DockMinMover doesn't appropriately initialize MonteCarlo Object
  0000279    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-05-31RestrictDesignToProteinDNAInterface lacks error checking
  0000277    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (kylebarlow)2013-05-22CMake policy CMP0011 not set
  0000276    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-05-22DockingProtocol does not correctly reset input pose on sequence changes
  0000275    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2013-05-21BackrubDD doesn't handle non-dimers very well.
  00000292   [Rosetta]
crashresolved (ronj)2013-05-21"Problem in calculating overlap between atoms. Termination calculation."
  0000274    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-05-20DesignRepackMover doesn't handle parsed minimize_rb correctly.
  0000272    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majornew2013-05-13Potentially incorrect logic in protocols::motifs::add_motif_sc_constraints
  00000342   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorassigned (jwillis0720)2013-05-13Packer won't mutate a post-trans-mod residue
  0000270    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (Sergey)2013-05-09allow to auto-complete tests to run
  00002692   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (weitzner)2013-05-08git non-obviously depends on curl
  000026862 [Rosetta]
crashresolved (renfrew)2013-05-08K residues causes MMTwist to crash
  00002533   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorfeedback (Sergey)2013-05-07r51043 breaks python 2.4 support for rosetta_tests/integration/
  0000267    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-05-04Make it more obvious how to use clang with cmake
   00002651   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2013-05-03Re-create extra docking output (RosettaDock from Rosetta++)
  00002573   [ROSIE]
minorresolved (Sergey)2013-05-03ROSIE docking results do not list any of the "extra data" suggested in the documentation
  00002641   [Rosetta]
Website error
minorresolved (Sergey)2013-05-03RSS feed still lists svn link
  0000262    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (smlewis)2013-05-01only first model read from gzipped silent files
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