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  0000366    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2016-04-28Centroid mode docking doesn't work with Nucleic Acids?
  0000365    [Rosetta]
minornew2016-04-28Centroid mode doesn't work reliably for hydroxylproline
  0000364    [Rosetta]
crashnew2016-04-12C-terminal_conjugation patch crashes several unit tests
  0000363    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2016-03-29rogue PDB output in core/scoring/packing/
  0000361 1 [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2015-09-28accumulation of REMARK output in packRotamersMover when nstruct>1
  00001902   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
majornew2015-08-18-jd2:delete_old_poses and JD2 memory leak
  00000071   [Rosetta]
minorconfirmed2015-08-18passing PDBs to -l causes unexpected behavior
  00003591   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (jadolfbr)2015-08-18out:path:all does not work for features/database output
  0000140    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorassigned (Labonte)2015-07-14FoldTree::reorder fails to reorder perfectly good fold trees
  0000360    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2015-06-18database sqlite output options don't do anything if using features reporter in rosetta scripts
  0000358    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorassigned (AndrewLeaverFay)2015-03-09new etables keep being created in optE
  00003531   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2014-11-28"did you forget to pass -overwrite?" printed even if no jobs are considered.
  0000357    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (stoneinter)2014-11-21Lei Shi has duplicated almost the entirety of BackboneStubConstraint in creating BackboneStubLinearConstraint
  0000356    [Rosetta]
minornew2014-11-04Minirosetta threading protocol segfaults on alignments with no gap.
  0000355    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2014-11-03backrub application and JD2 integration
  0000354    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minornew2014-10-21Missing residues from ROSIE antibody modeling
  0000350    [Rosetta]
minornew2014-09-22Fragment Picker SegFaults when not given a sequence
  00003491   [PyRosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (Sergey)2014-08-13Linux versioning issue with PyRosetta
  0000347    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (momeara)2014-07-30Seqpos in ProteinResidueConformation
  0000345    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
majorresolved (Labonte)2014-07-29The rama score check in CCD closure behaves exactly opposite the way it should.
  00000391   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
crashresolved (rmoretti)2014-07-19Running docking on a single-chain PDB causes a segfault
  00003323   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (rmoretti)2014-07-19Problems compiling with uint64_t
  00002782   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (rmoretti)2014-07-19AtomPairConstraint does not check existence of atoms (?)
  0000346 2 [Rosetta]
minornew2014-07-07Using IntefaceAnalyzer with a ligand and -fixedchains results in segfault
  00003431   [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorassigned (jadolfbr)2014-06-26Options file do not use -in:path directory locations
  0000342    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2014-06-25Features scripts hardcode ref as the first sample_source
  0000341    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2014-06-24Too many add_cutpoint/chainbreak_variants functions
  00003362   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (rmoretti)2014-06-24core::util::add_cutpoint_variants() and remove_cutpoint_variants() take raw pointers
  0000337    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (rmoretti)2014-06-23Spurious "WARNING: In CA_rmsd, residue range ... to ... requested but only ... protein CA atoms found." messages.
  0000335    [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (rmoretti)2014-06-23test/ doesn't have version option
  0000340    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2014-06-23Printing of commandline removes quotes
  00001391   [Rosetta]
minorresolved (rmoretti)2014-06-16near duplicate documentation - resfile
  0000334    [Rosetta]
minornew2014-05-26homodimer_maker (beta_strand_homodimer_design) does not work with talaris2013
  00001671   [Rosetta]
Website error
minorresolved (rmoretti)2014-05-17Website error: software link on software page 404's; also new bug category test
  00001853   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (smlewis)2014-05-17Is deprecated?
  0000331 1 [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2014-04-08Missing backbone and TER cards result in errors.
  0000328    [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2014-03-27Ligands will all atoms incorrectly named cause Rosetta error.
  0000327    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2014-03-17RmsdFilter doesn't work well with reference poses.
  0000325 1 [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minornew2014-02-26non-cannonical AA at terminal position causes incorrect chain identification
  00003231   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorassigned (jadolfbr)2014-02-11scoring/sasa.hh reports values by default using radii that were optimized for a no-longer-used scoreterm
  0000324    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
majorassigned (sacombs)2014-02-04ideal_bond_lengths.txt has values that are just plain wrong - these are used to build ideal geometry all over Rosetta
  0000322    [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (weitzner)2014-01-23when only checking out 1 repository, it still asks if you'd like to check out all three in parallel
  00003201   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minorresolved (Labonte)2014-01-21Patch system fails to patch SER properly in 158 cases
  00003092   [Rosetta]
Bad Coding
minornew2014-01-21Patch system fails to patch HIS_D properly in 4 cases
  00002962   [Rosetta]
Incorrect Results
minorresolved (jadolfbr)2014-01-09kink_cation_residue gives incorrect result if AbInfo is using ModifiedAHO numbering scheme
  0000318    [Rosetta]
crashnew2014-01-09Segfault in AtomTree when Setting new Fold Tree with Virtual Residues by Jump
  0000263131 [Rosetta]
Input Handling
minorresolved (amw579) does not recognize D-canonical amino acids properly
  0000317    [Rosetta]
minornew2013-12-12Growing loops can result in non-sensical loop sets and foldtrees.
  0000316    [PyRosetta Toolkit GUI]
Bad Coding
minorassigned (jadolfbr)2013-12-04Cleaning list of PDBs via PDBLIST does not work
  00003151   [Rosetta]
minornew2013-12-04InterfaceAnalyzerMover/InterfaceAnalyzer app segfaults when waters are present
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