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0000356Rosetta[All Projects] Crashpublic2014-11-04 11:122014-11-04 11:12
minirosetta.linuxgccrelease @options
0000356: Minirosetta threading protocol segfaults on alignments with no gap.
If you use the threading protocol on the minirosetta application with an alignment which doesn't have any gaps, Rosetta will segfault. The error occurs in protocols::loops::fold_tree_from_loops(), where root() is taken from an empty FoldTree. The reason for the empty FoldTree is that the loops passed in is empty, because in LoopRelaxMover::apply(), pick_loops_chainbreak() returns no loops.
One fix may be to turn off loop refinement as well as loop remodeling in the test for an empty loop return from pick_loops_chainbreak().

fold_tree_from_loops() should probably be robust to an empty loops - or at the very least shouldn't segfault.

See [^]
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