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0000308Rosetta[All Projects] Input Handlingpublic2013-10-02 13:162017-08-21 13:49
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rosetta_scripts.mpimysql.linuxgccrelease @options.txt -in:file:s "protein.pdb ligand.pdb" -in:file:extra_res_path ligand_params
0000308: MPI RosettaScripts handles multiple input files as separate set of jobs
When I run mpiexec rosetta_scripts.mpimysql.linuxgccrelease and give it multiple files using the option:

-in:file:s "protein.pdb ligand.pdb"

It will run two sets of jobs: one with protein.pdb and one with ligand.pdb as the inputs. This is not the case if I run the regular release version of rosetta_scripts which will get the pose from both PDBs and run it as a single set of jobs.
I'm running this using sbset packages so I wasn't sure what information to include in terms of environment here. I just wrote the input/output options in the command line used.
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