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0000303Rosetta[All Projects] Crashpublic2013-09-13 13:022013-09-13 13:02
0000303: MutateResidue mover segfaults for terminal positions
Specifying a plain three letter residue type for the new_res option of the MutateResidue in RosettaScripts for a position that is a terminal residue results in a segfault.

See [^]
I'm guessing (but have not confirmed) it's an issue with patch incompatibilities. Trying to apply a plain "ALA" to a "ASP_p:CtermProteinFull" residue likely causes an error.

This sort of patch incompatibility should be detected and dealt with with an error message instead of a segfault. (Perhaps an automatic conversion of a three-letter specification to the appropriate patched type might be something to do too.)
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