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0000265Rosetta[All Projects] Incorrect Resultspublic2013-05-03 14:572013-05-03 15:18
Feature Request
0000265: Re-create extra docking output (RosettaDock from Rosetta++)
Bug 0000257 covered a discrepancy between the documentation for docking in ROSIE and the actual results. The discrepancy was that the documentation promised a bunch of stuff that Rosetta++ put in the output PDBs that Rosetta3 does not.

The (proper) solution to 0000257 was that the bug was incorrect documentation, not incorrect code behavior, and it was resolved as such. However, I'm sure it would be useful to resurrect at least some of that extra output?
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related to 0000257resolved Sergey ROSIE ROSIE docking results do not list any of the "extra data" suggested in the documentation 
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Good point, extra info might be useful, I am forwarding this to GrayLab...