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0000210Rosetta[All Projects] Bad Codingpublic2013-03-13 12:242013-03-14 13:19
cart_bonded cartesian minimization
cart_bonded cartesian minimization
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0000210: cart_bonded database files are uncommentable
rosetta_database/scoring/score_functions/bondlength_bondangle/default-(angles/lengths/torsions).txt are used as parameters for cartesian minimization. They represent a long parameters list.

The read-in for these database files, lines 329-373, does not allow for comments in the file, just the flat file format. It should minimally allow for "if line starts with #, skip line", and also for #-prepended comments at end of line. It's also pre-blocked with {}, so it should be separated out into new functions (which it practically already is)
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parent of 0000205resolved dimaio SVN 54230 needs commentary on database change - permanent, temporary, guess? 
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Fixed in r54268.