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0000190Rosetta[All Projects] Bad Codingpublic2013-03-01 10:572015-08-18 11:13
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jd2memtest -l pdblist, where pdblist is large - watch the memory usage climb
0000190: -jd2:delete_old_poses and JD2 memory leak
JD2 has a longstanding memory leak that becomes quite serious in a large -l environment. "Old poses" - inputs that Rosetta is through with and will not reuse - are maintained in memory.

The flag -jd2:delete_old_poses prevents this memory leak but affects Oliver's code for reloading results into the JobDistributor as new jobs, and may affect RosettaScripts due to modification of Poses before distribution starts.
We'd love to turn the flag on by default, so that Rosetta does not leak memory. What code will have a problem with this, and can this code be run with -jd2:delete_old_poses false, or be fixed directly?

A) Oliver's code?
B) RosettaScripts?
memory overload, Minicon_2013_defaults, robust_rosetta
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Did we flip the switch on this at one of the dev meetings?
2015-08-18 11:13 [^]