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0000179Rosetta[All Projects] Bad Codingpublic2013-02-21 12:572013-02-21 14:18
hshash_utils hshash_utils
0000179: hshash_utils has results in inputs
in hshash_utils integration test,

    nonempty diff ref/hshash_utils/log new/hshash_utils/log
    nonempty diff ref/hshash_utils/testILE.stubs new/hshash_utils/testILE.stubs
    nonempty diff ref/hshash_utils/test.wt_density new/hshash_utils/test.wt_density

appear to be inputs as well as outputs, as in 0000175
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related to 0000175resolved smlewis hotspot_hashing integration test includes its own results 
related to 0000177resolved bder zinc_heterodimer test includes its own results 
related to 0000180resolved smlewis noe_assignment/cs_out.dat is output as input 
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