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0000175Rosetta[All Projects] Bad Codingpublic2013-02-21 12:202013-02-21 14:18
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hotspot_hashing integration test hotspot_hashing
0000175: hotspot_hashing integration test includes its own results
The test inputs include log and testTRP.stubs, which are outputs of the test.

The test works because writes them in a copy operation from test to ref or new, but then rosetta OVERWRITES them, and the comparison is properly made between rosetta overwrites. Nevertheless, if the test is borked, it will look like it's running when it's not (due to having a log file).

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related to 0000177resolved bder zinc_heterodimer test includes its own results 
related to 0000179resolved smlewis hshash_utils has results in inputs 
related to 0000180resolved smlewis noe_assignment/cs_out.dat is output as input 
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