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0000164Rosetta[All Projects] Bad Codingpublic2012-12-12 16:452012-12-12 16:45
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any jd2 with FileSystemJobDistributor and -jd2:ntrials > 10
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0000164: -ntrials and -max_retry_job option confusion
The options -jd2:ntrials and -run:max_retry_job options appear to be doing almost the same thing, and appear to be doing it simultanteously.

In jd2::JobDistributor::go_main, if you get a FAIL_RETRY status from the mover, you'll terminate execution if you're above ntrials. If not, you'll call mark_current_job_id_for_repetition(), which for FileSystemJobDistributor then looks at max_retry_job, with the same cutoff logic. The upshot is that if you want to increase the number of trials when using the FileSystemJobDistributor, you'd have to set *both* -jd2:ntrials and -run:max_retry_job.

Run an always-fails-with-FAIL_RETRY mover under jd2 and FileSystemJobDistributor with something like -jd2:ntrials 100. Note how you only ever get 10 repeats because of -run:max_retry_job.
The -run:max_retry_job logic seems to have been added with a note about proper restart behavior on Boinc. [^]
It looks like this was before the -jd2:ntrials logic was added to JobDistributor.
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