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0000153Rosetta[All Projects] Bad Codingpublic2012-11-19 09:292012-11-19 09:29
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Docking via docking_protocol or RosettaScripts
docking_protocol -cst_file $some_file, where the file has constraints that don't satisfy to less than 1 REU
Feature Request, Confirmed As Bug
0000153: DockingLowResFilter offers constraint cutoff, but no user-accessible way to use it
DockingLowResFilter activates a filter that checks the constraint score of the Pose as a filtering step. Currently, the filter cutoff value is 1.0, hardcoded. The function interface to set_use_constraints allows for other values but the interface is unused. Feature request: install a system to change this cutoff value from command-line/XML.
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