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0000128Rosetta[All Projects] Crashpublic2012-10-09 22:162012-10-09 22:16
x86OS X10.7
~/rosetta_source/bin/minirosetta.default.macosgccrelease @flags -database ~/rosetta_database -run:constant_seed -nodelay
0000128: metalloprotein_abrelax integration test crashes on MacOS
Encounter error while executing: bash /Users/amelie/local_software/ngk/rosetta_tests/integration/new/metalloprotein_abrelax/
*** Test metalloprotein_abrelax did not run! Check your --mode flag and paths. [2012-10-09 19:54:07.937849]
run integration tests (will just report "did not run"), or manually execute the call in ref/metalloprotein_abrelax/ to see it segfault after "protocols.abinitio.foldconstraints: ResiduePairConstraints: ... total violations: 0"
* When generating ref results, this issue isn't listed at the end -- one needs to scroll through the whole output list to catch it.
* it seems to run fine on the test server though
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