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0000122PyRosetta[All Projects] Bad Codingpublic2012-10-02 14:442012-10-02 15:58
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python --fasta_filename pin.fasta --long_frag_filename pin.frag9 --long_frag_length 9 --short_frag_filename pin.frag3 --short_frag_length 3 --jobs 100 --job_output pin_folding_output --kT 1.0 --long_inserts 1 --short_inserts 3 --cycles 200
Confirmed As Bug
0000122: must be run from PyRosetta main directory, even with user arguments
Folding demo/test tries to load the test_in.pdb, then get it's sequence, even if a user gives a fasta and no pdbfilename. Line 435.
Give the demo a fasta, run from any other directory besides PyRosetta main directory. [^]
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