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0000012Rosetta[All Projects] Input Handlingpublic2012-06-20 13:462013-10-01 11:22
0000012: Constraints silently eat the rest of the line.
If you naively follow the documented format of the multi-constraints like multi or ambiguous ("Constraint_Type1 Constraint_Def1 [Constraint_Type2 Constraint_Def2 [...]]"), one might put the constraints all on one line.

(As was done with rosetta_demos/public/dock_with_user_defined_constraints/rosetta_inputs/constraint_ambiguous.cst)

This is a problem as some (all?) of the constraint definitions will silently eat everything after the end of the definition to the next newline, effectively killing all but the first constraint.

It should probably be changed to either behave robustly when presented with a single line format, throw an error/warning message, or the documentation changed to make clear the sub-constraints all need to be on their own line.
c.f. [^]
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BOUNDED func is a function that has this "eating" behavior; it can also eat things that aren't on the line (meaning, the whole next line) if rswitch and tag are not present: [^]

2012-08-21 14:34   
GAUSSIANFUNC has the same behavior.