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0000101Rosetta[All Projects] Input Handlingpublic2012-09-10 12:582012-09-10 12:58
fragment_picker in Rosetta 3.4
%<path>/rosetta_source/bin/fragment_picker.default.<platform><compiler>release @<path to fragment.options>
0000101: Segmentation Fault in fragment_picker
Specifying secondary structure prediction files in an options text file using
frags:ss_pred filename.psipred psipred filename.jufo JUFO
results in a segmentation fault with no details of the error. The jufo file identifier must not be in all caps. Altering the frags:ss_pred file to read
frags:ss_pred filename.psipred psipred filename.jufo jufo
results in completion of fragment_picker without error.

Generate an options text file as an input for fragment_picker with jufo identifier in all caps.
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